White Chocolate Mocha Cake

You will either love or hate the holiday cake you’ll receive this year. I hope it is the former because I am excited to bake them all!

White Chocolate Mocha may not be a holiday beverage, but I use it to start baking. Most white chocolate products seem to me wintery.

What is White Chocolate Mocha

This is a mocha, but instead of using dark or milk chocolate, as in the regular mocha, it uses white chocolate. You can get them at Starbucks all year long. White Chocolate Mocha Cake would be redundant since mocha is chocolate. However, White Mocha Cake was not descriptive enough.

White Chocolate Mocha Cake: How to Make it?

To make espresso and white chocolate stand out in this cake, I used both in different ways. The cake is made up of:

White chocolate and espresso cake layers

Filling of whipped white chocolate Ganache

espresso Swiss meringue buttercream

White chocolate ganache drip

White Mocha Cake Layers

The cake layers were made with both espresso and white chocolate. I took my White Chocolate Cake and added espresso powder. The cake is moist and tender with just the right amount of density.

White chocolate is not as strong in flavor due to the espresso powder. However, I enjoy the subtle taste and texture that white chocolate adds to the cake. You can also leave out the espresso powder.

White Chocolate Ganache

For the white chocolate ganache, I used a ratio of 3:1 (by weight) for the chocolate to cream and allowed it to cool and thicken. It was left overnight with plastic wrap directly on top, but it only needs to be gone for a few hours until it becomes thick. I used some of the ganache that was not whipped to make the drip.

The white chocolate flavor comes through in the filling, which complements the cake layers and the frosting.

Espresso Swiss Meringue Buttercream

This is my favorite Buttercream. This Buttercream tastes so good; you might eat it with a fork!

I added espresso powder to half of my Swiss meringue Buttercream recipe. My espresso powder is fine enough to blend easily, so I add it directly into the frosting. If you don’t have a fine instant espresso powder, dissolve it in hot water for 1-2 tablespoons and let it cool before adding it to the frosting.

White Chocolate Ganache Drip

I used a small portion of the ganache I made in a 3:1 ratio to make the drip. It had thickened too much, so I heated it in the microwave for 3 seconds at tiny increments until the dripping consistency was achieved. If unsure, it is best to test the drip on the back of the cake. Always drip the ganache on a cake that has been well-chilled. This helps the ganache to set faster and will not drip down the bottom.

How do I convert a recipe to ?

The recipe will work if you have two 8″ pans that are 3″ tall or two 9″ pans. The baking time may have to be adjusted.

Use the amounts for a 3-layer cake of 6”. You can use the same recipe if your pans measure 3” high. As the layers are thicker, you must adjust the baking time.

You can make cupcakes by reducing the baking time. Start checking after 15 minutes. This recipe makes at least 24 cups, depending on the size.

Click here to see other conversions.

Can I prepare it in advance?

You can bake the cake layers ahead of time and freeze them for up to three months. Remove 2-3 hours before assembling.

The mascarpone will not last. The mascarpone cream should be prepared right before you put the cake together.

You can store the cooled cookie crumble in an airtight container for up to one week. It can be frozen for up to three months.

The cake can be frozen (whole or in slices, if stored airtight).

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