Easter Bunny Cupcakes: How to make cute ones using easy chocolate ears. Our contributor Erin Gardner has created a new tutorial.

Easter was just a hop and a skip away. I decided it was now that I could make bunny ears cupcakes. Although I have seen fondant ears and marshmallow ears, I’ve never seen smeared ears quite like the one we have here. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. If you have been following my chocolate adventures for any time, you will know that I use this technique to create all sorts of chocolate flowers petal. It also makes the perfect set of edible and delicious bunny ears, which is good for us!

It’s also possible to make many of these quickly and have them ready for the big day. They can be kept at room temperature in an airtight container for weeks, regardless of whether you use coating chocolate or the real thing. My little bunnies got buttercream floral headbands from me, but this is optional. Use the ears as-is, or add a few pre-made icing flowers from a craft store.

Dip the flat end of the larger knife into the melted chocolate. Scrape the sides and back of the knife against the bowl’s lip. The coated side of your blade should be held about 2 inches above the edge of the paper. Gently press the melted chocolate onto the paper. Then, pull the knife away.

Follow the instructions on the packaging to melt the pink coating chocolate. Dip the flat side of the smaller knife into the melted chocolate. The bowl’s lip should be cleaned. Apply the pink chocolate to one of the white earbuds. Make sure there is a border of white around it.


Then, press the bunny ears in freshly piped buttercream.

Divide the buttercream into four small bowls. For flowers, three small bowls can be tinted pink, yellow, or purple. The last bowl should be made green to make the leaves. You can use your little bunny’s headband for whatever flower style or colors you like. I used pink buttercream to fill a bag with a small star tip, small drop flower tips to fill the bags with yellow and purple, and small leaf tips to fit the green bag.

A line of drops of flowers, rosettes, and leaves should be piped in front of your ears. Continue with the remaining cupcakes. Enjoy!

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